Thought Cauldron is a blog devoted to creating and modifying role-playing game settings and campaigns. For years I’ve written down every world I could conjure, every character I devised. I’ll be documenting the ones I’ve utilized in games, as well as the process used to turn these settings or systems into fully playable stories.

My own concoctions are tested through campaigns that I DM, so I’ll also record a number of session reports with interesting outcomes.

Witch at her cauldron

I’m sure the demons appearing is a good sign.

Alright, let’s review what’s getting thrown into the pot.

Blog Recipe:

Homebrew System and Rules (x2)

World Building (x1)

Session Reports, And What to Learn from Them (x3)

Game Modification and Reskins (x1)

GM Theory, Advice, and Lessons (x2)

Playing Homebrew or House Ruled Games (x3)

Stretched Metaphors (x1)

A pinch of board & video game-related thoughts

Mix with interesting things from the internet for spice

And voila!

Girl stirring smoking cauldron

I’m sure it’s delicious… Why don’t you have some first?

While the primary source of these ingredients will be the twisted vortex of my own brain, you can bet that I’ll definitely be gathering from wherever you regularly find high quality thought draught ingredients – other sites, blogs, podcasts, and guest authors I manage to trick into sharing.

So join in my thought adventure, and discover how to brew a good system, setting, rule, or adventure path.

I’m still learning myself, but hopefully, these experiences and ideas can help Game Masters and players alike.


Drink up!


Current header image art is Headmistress’ Office by Weston T. Jones.