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Month: June 2017

Jason Borrows a House Rule #1: Lucked or F$%#ed

So I’ve decided that every now and then, I’ll present a random house rule I like that can add to a game. Today’s rule is brought to you from sadhipstercat on Tumblr. I love the sound of this one because it keeps the randomness inherent in role-playing games, but increases the risk and reward that makes it exciting.

Ready to gamble, players?

Today’s rule is lucked or fucked.

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Logs From the Valkyrie: The Story Thus Far – Part 1 (Obtaining the Job)

In this first Logs from the Valkyrie, our heroes begin their adventure on their way to a village festival on an Outer System planet. One of Yana’s many contacts told that them that their next job would be here through one of Yana’s many contacts throughout the seedier parts of the Inner System. By this point, they had to ration all of the food, water, and fuel they could, let alone the many luxuries Yana bought and hoarded in her luxury suite.

Buddha Lanterns

Captain Ironside did the calculations in his head. They had to get this job. They had to do it well. In this line of work, it’s all about reputation. Hopefully, Yana’s contact connected them to other jobs if they succeeded on this one. They had no way to know if he was. Of course, they couldn’t take the chance to miss any opportunities.

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Turn Inspiration into an RPG

book in darknessI wanted to share some thoughts about my unapologetically extensive inspiration list from my Valkyrie Introduction post. White Wolf has lists of inspiration material for their World of Darkness books, so I’ve decided to do the same. It’s not just about TV and movies, because anyone can talk about what they like to watch. In this post, I’ll detail how I turn an inspiration into an rpg.

I think every artist has this hidden fear that their work won’t be creative enough. But hey, I’m no expert! It could just my own inexperience. Point is, completely out-of-the-box thinking is getting more and more difficult to achieve. 

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Logs from the Valkyrie: Introduction to Valkyrie Campaign Setting

Science-Fiction Landscape

The Valkyrie campaign is my latest sci-fi campaign set in a homebrew setting. Currently, it’s without a name, so I’ll call it the Valkyrie Campaign Setting for now. It synthesizes a lot of the genre fiction stories I’ve read since I was young. While the setting started as a fun place to accrue characters and adventures, I never expected to create a complete story from it. So, that’s why it’s so important to continue to write down and accumulate all your ideas; that much anyone can do, and sometimes interlocking ideas can fashion a new, comprehensive adventure!

Of course, it’s easier said than done – so let’s delve a little deeper into creating a homebrew setting.

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Welcome to Jason’s Thought Cauldron – A Homebrew RPG Blog

Thought Cauldron is a blog devoted to creating and modifying role-playing game settings and campaigns. For years I’ve written down every world I could conjure, every character I devised. I’ll be documenting the ones I’ve utilized in games, as well as the process used to turn these settings or systems into fully playable stories. House rules and homebrew campaigns are the names of the game, so I hope you brought your cauldron.

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