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Month: August 2017

Favorite GDC Talks for Homebrew RPGs

For some strange reason, I have been watching a lot of game development talks lately. It’s because many are extremely informative. Huh. Guess the reason isn’t that strange.

But they can also be fairly long for those that don’t have the free time to watch them all. Most are about an hour and others are even longer. Who has the time for that with Game of Thrones and Marvel flicks to catch up on? I know I don’t. But I’ll do my duty as a humble homebrew rpg blogger by giving you an updated list of my favorite GDC talks (Game Developers Conference talks) that I find so you can be sure you’re finding the ones related to tabletop gaming. Because you’re worth it.

I hope you’ll find all the videos below very insightful. If you have any other good game dev or world building talk suggestions, I’d love to hear them so feel free to leave links in the comment section below or email me. Without any further ado, here are my current 5 favorite GDC talks for board games, card games, world building, storytelling, and RPG¬†homebrew.

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Logs from the Valkyrie: The Story Thus Far – Part 4 (Ghost Town)

Continued from Part 3.

The Valkyrie continued to their next planet, the sparsely populated Whitaker 7. Orbiting over one of the many extensive grasslands, they detected a distress beacon a short distance from their destination. The crew looked at each other and nodded.

Art by Yuzhou Xingxing Xinguang

In the wilderness of space, people try to adhere to certain codes. You help others, and others help you. Everyone tries to pass it on. However, as much as common folk attempt decency, not everyone is so polite without the law looming over them…

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