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Month: September 2017

Jason Borrows a House Rule #2: Schmoops and the Wheel of Fun

Once again, it’s time to present a random house rule that can be used in your rpg campaigns – and this time we’re using schmoops . One thing I like about this rule is that it can be used in any turn-based rpg, however, it’s especially useful for those kinds of systems where players have a lot of options. When players have to decide between a lot of choices, it can make turns take too long, such as Dungeons and Dragons (esp. 4th or 3.5) or Pathfinder.

Today’s house rule is brought to you by u/Jurph on Reddit.  It encourages players to take their turns quicker through the use of a carrot, rather than the stick.

So time for me to take out some schmoops and take my turn to explain Jurph’s house rule: Schmoops and the Wheel of Fun.

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Logs from the Valkyrie: The Story Thus Far – Part 5 (Gambling on Strangers)

(Continued from Part 4.)

Blue Heaven

The crew of the Valkyrie had just barely escaped a planet being overrun by the Infected (humans transformed and turned mindless by the alien species known as the Vruex). Harook and Galahad were injured, and they still had a way to go before their final destination, so they decided to rest up and restock.

The closest refuge was Blue Heaven, a space station famous for catering to the rich. However, like any space station out of Central Government control, it was filled with criminal activity. Those who arrived may not notice, blinded as they were by the lights of the hotels and casinos where white collar criminals, bureaucrats, and celebrities alike all schmoozed. Meanwhile, in the streets right next to the wonder and splendor was the seedy underbelly. Grifters sold stolen art, pickpockets found tourists, and con men took advantage of addicts to make a quick buck.

Space Station dreamed up for Playboy and Virgin Galactic

Thomas Tenery/Playboy Enterprises

While the mega-corp businessmen and women patrons gave the satellite an air of legitimacy, the truth was that the neon lights only served to blind the truth: Blue Heaven was just as rotten as Kingdom Come, but for a higher class of criminal. Which only meant higher stakes.

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