Welcome to Thought Cauldron!

The homebrew RPG blog for GM’s and players. In this blog, we’ll mix together previously made homebrew settings and campaigns taking place in those settings, as well as thoughts on how to make house rules, homebrew world building, and other homebrew rule sets.


Jason has been DM’ing a little less than ten years but dreaming about strange other worlds for even longer. He’s still learning how to DM, how to write, how to talk, how to design, and homebrew fun new additions for RPGs and board games. This blog will chronicle his attempts to do so, but will mainly focus on his homebrew settings, the art of how to GM (what some call gamemaster theory) and how to design games and balance. There will also be posts on how to represent characters and concepts from movies, television, and others’ homebrew creations in the tabletop game you enjoy most.

The primary roleplaying systems discussed will be Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 to 5th edition, Pathfinder, World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness, and FATE core. The boardgame topics focused on most are thematic light to mid-weight games.


Enough of the technicalities. It’s time to start brewing.

Newcomers should start with the welcome post to figure out in more detail what kind of things are brewing in the Thought Cauldron.


Happy mixing, world builders, GM’s, players, and storytellers!



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