Welcome to the Kogim Colony Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at Oakenhowl! Have a look around, and please, enjoy your stay!




Kogim Names

Ship Upgrades


  1. Capital Building – This is where Chochuschuvio Chesttusk (or Cho for short), resides and where his office is. The rest of the administration for the leadership works here as well (except for Faerox). Players can go here to talk to Cho, and often Faerox who has frequent meetings here with Cho. It’s also where the central controls for a lot of the Colony’s functions are.
  2. The Menagerie (Zoo and Greenhouse) – This is where Faerox resides when she isn’t dealing with the hospital or the leadership in the Capitol. A huge variety of animals are in this Greenhouse, and they all roam free. It is much bigger than it looks from the outside.  Most of it is like a forest or jungle, however, the edges stretch out into different biomes. Large aquatic creatures won’t be found here, only medium-sized ones like alligators. The rest stay in the Lakes. There are a lot of plants in here with the potential to heal (which Faerox knows and utilizes) but also poisons, and even stranger plants, as well. They are not marked, but a skilled herbologist can identify and use them anyway. Or, a crazy scientist can experiment and see what they come up with.
  3. Botanical Gardens – Connected to the Menagerie are the Botanical Gardens, where plants are kept on display, some from the humans, and others from the Kogim home systems. Unlike the dangerous jungle of the Menagerie, the Botanical Gardens are more similar to a beautiful park. Still, strange plants can be collected here, too, and unlike in the Menagerie, they are often better marked as to what they are. A skilled researcher can better find out their properties here. These plants are also better watched, but it doesn’t mean one can’t obtain the more useful ones. The commonly used plants are sold directly here or through middlemen at The Stalls.
  4. Medical Sector/Hospital – There is one huge main medical building that houses all of the sick, a secondary side building, and a couple surrounding tents. Faerox works here when she isn’t in the Menagerie or Capital Building. Kogim doctors are some of the best in the galaxy because of their specialization in the biological sciences.
  5. Veterinary Animal Hospital – This is where sick or injured animals are kept. This sector is huge as well, although not as big as the hospital building for Kogim. Still, like their doctors, Kogim veterinarians are some of the best around. They are familiar with huge amounts of species, and when treating an animal of the same/similar type they are bonded to, are capable of treating them with almost supernatural speed and care.
  6. Hangar/Aviary – Human and Kogim ships are kept in this sector. While the players’ human ship will be kept here, so will the space beasts that comprise Kogim spacefaring technology.
  7. Barracks – The army trains and fights here. Every day their army grows larger. Outside, in front of the fields, are sparring courts and obstacle courses for additional training.
  8. Armory – This is where Kogim weapons are kept, both the traditional and the cutting edge. They can be bought, rented, or borrowed. This building is right next to the Barracks and is frequently staffed with soldiers to help perusers pick out and learn to use the weapons found here.
  9. Trading Bay – This is a storage area for human engineering supplies. It is traded from and to Outer System humans. It is where the supplies will be found to fix ships. In addition, human weapons will also be obtained from here to sell to the players.
  10. The Stalls – A huge street that has essentially been converted into a swap meet in the city. Humans, Kogim, and Sartha gather here passing into and out of the Outer System in order to obtain goods and services. While there are other shopping centers around, the most exotic (and interesting for players) supplies will be found in this area, including other human weapons, items, and hirelings.
  11. The Gardens – The Kogim colony have large sects of land dedicated to gardens and farming. While not the most interesting place for a visitor, it is one of the few places that fresh fruits and vegetables can be found. The Kogim also have their own species of edible plants and spices. A crew that’s been wandering too long in the sterile confines of a spaceship, subsiding on rations and powdered milk, will find them delicious if they can get ahold of some. They can be grabbed here, from the Stalls, or offered for doing favors for Cho, Faerox, or other Kogim.
  12. The Tavern – A local watering hole for the Kogim. Here, news and gossip can be heard and dispensed. Visitors can also try drinks and food they wouldn’t find anywhere else in the galaxy. Media is also watched here, and any random passerby can find some game or activity to bet on with the regular patrons.
  13. Beach/Lake – There lie a couple giant bodies of water in the Colony that spreads into some rivers around the area. The Lake is mostly salt water, but the rivers that have sprung from it are filtered into freshwater pools. Like any Kogim colony, there are aquatic animals in all of the bodies of water, though. They have only grown scarier since Faerox has been increasing the biodiversity of this colony with the animals she imports.
  14. Story Circle – Near the Fields, right outside of town, is a traditional Kogim story circle. There is usually a fire going on here, sometimes as big as a campfire, other times as large as a bonfire. People gather here to socialize, like in the tavern, but with a different crowd. It has more of a family and traditional element. The Kogim elders that sit here have spent their lives perfecting the art of storytelling and can give all sorts of tales. Players who stop here may find themselves stumbling into the middle of a story to an interested audience, and even if it doesn’t sound relevant, it’s always worth a listen to hear about the culture.
  15. The Fields – Outside of town, in front of the Story Circle, next to the lake beach and Barracks, are the Fields. These vast areas of nature give a familiar presence to the Kogim, who have always desired a connection to nature, even as they’ve tinkered with it using their superior genetic engineering. The players can wander a number of biomes that are extremely close to each other here: Short, clear green fields are closest to the populated areas of the Story Circle, town, and barracks. If one goes on a bit, they’ll find themselves either reaching the tall grasslands of a savannah, the dark woods, the muddy swamps (as the groundwater of the lakes meets the mud of the woods), or the Lake itself, and the beach.
  16. The Town – Within the town itself there are also normal establishments that one can expect in a city – grocery stores, houses, civilians, and more (if the players are interested in interacting with such trifles). However, the recent disease outbreak has caused it to be a lot emptier than usual. As time goes on, Faerox will cure more people and start converting the empty town and full hospital into an empty town and full barracks.


Chochuschuvio Chesttusk (or Cho)

Leader of the Kogim colony, Oakenhowl. A strong and imposing white lion bound Kogim. His main has been branded, and his body, where it isn’t covered in clothes or armor, has scars. He’s doing what he can for his people and has come to turn to Faerox for help when she arrived with aid.

kogim colony lion

Most lion man pictures are from MtG, but this one is stunning. The art is Lion by Fetsch.


While a foreigner to the colony, she has quickly risen up the ranks to become Cho’s, right-hand man. She populated huge portions of the Menagerie, Botanical Gardens, and Lake, helping the colony’s young with having more options of animals to bind to. In addition, she has offered her medical expertise to help the plague cure the plague that preceded her. Finally, she has used her martial prowess to train the colony’s soldiers into becoming an elite and dangerous fighting force. She is one of the few Kogim the humans acknowledge as providing a noticeable difference in the Dorel Ben Shi Rebellion and is a veritable hero to her people. No one knows what animal she is bound to, appearing as a chimera of different types.

kogim colony faerox

Faerox’s eyes are different colors, but she doesn’t always stare so intensely. Unless she needs to. Art is Dark Desires by CorpseGrinder562


This tiny white rabbit-bound Kogim is a tour guide for the colony. Escorts are required for all new foreigners they are not familiar with until trust is established, so she has become quite good at moving large groups around to different parts of the colonies people want to go to. Her white rabbit is bigger and more dangerous than a lot of dogs. One of her little-known talents is the ability to use her rabbit-like nose to help track down missing tour group members who decide to wander off, with or without her go ahead.

Snowdrop's bunny in Kogim Colony

Aaaaah! It found us!

Other characters

The different buildings will have various NPC’s that pop up to provide advice, trade, offer their services, or ask for favors.

  • Elder Storyteller
  • Weapon Trainer in the Armory
  • Head Veterinarian in the Animal Hospital
  • Chief Physician in the Hospital
  • Lead Researcher in the Hospital (they report to Faerox)
  • Head Nurse in the Hospital
  • Military Captain in the Barracks (reports to Cho, a capable General)
  • Drill Sergeant in the Barracks (directs the drills if the players investigate it)
  • Two Lead Ship Engineers
  • Chief of Security
    • There may be other head security personnel for different sectors, as well.

Random Kogim Name Suggestions

Kogim names are inspired by their genetic sciences and their affinity with nature. They can sound like a warrior or they can sound like a fairy, depending on the tribe, the family, and the animal they are bound to. When using non-fiction, I took inspiration for names from Native American or Native African tribes, and from fiction, I used elvish and fairy names as inspiration. There’s a huge variety here, plus in the end, it’s a fictional world, so feel free to go wild.

First Names:

Wyrran, Tarathiel, Vaeril, Goras, Avourel, Iyrandrar, Lithoniel, Tiatha, Farryn, Raeranthur

Nightshade, Pyro, Dew, Winnie, Vinca, Jade, Dawn, Tansy, Poplar, Flix, Flax, Sky


Leofir, Fencyne, Vageiros, Sarhana, Grerel, Waeslen, Dorhorn, Iarmenor, Norxalim, Lazuli, Torxina

Islandthorn, Mulberry, Jellyheart, Peachwind, Blackwish, Driftflower, Suntwist, Lilyfleck, Cloudsprout, Betterglade


Nootau, Atagulkalu, Lanu, Liwanu, Pavati, Nova, Sasa, Tuwa, Mosi, Pajack, Atsadi, Enapay, Machakw, Pezi, Chu’A, Kesegowaase

Atikem, Barnabas, Yieshak, Gadise, Sentayhu, Meraffe, Qaasin

Living Ship Upgrades

The Kogim scientists can attach a parasite to the ship, even a human one, providing it additional functions that it wouldn’t have before. Only one can be used, however, because it changes the entire nature of the ship afterward. If only one option below is revealed at a time, as the scientists continue to research and the players continue to return, it will make the progress more interesting.

Each upgrade is worth 1 Wealth, including the initial upgrade. If the players require upgrades in a different order because of the necessity inherent in the story, the order can be changed. For the ongoing Valkyrie campaign, for example, weapons were placed earlier in the upgrade cycle because the players expressed a need for it.

Level 0 Upgrades:


Living Neural Network – This allows animal-style biological upgrades to a mechanical, human ship. It will grow nerves and veins on the inside. A light layer of flesh will begin to grow on the walls and roof. Over time, pulsing sounds can be heard when everything is completely quiet.

The ship gains the aspect “Living Neural Network“. Players may be better or worse, and certain effects by opponents or the environment may be better or worse, against a ship with this aspect.


Parasitic Plant Growth – This allows plant-style biological upgrades to a mechanical, human ship. It will grow vines and stems on the inside. Near windows, flowers and leaves may sprout to absorb energy. A light layer of moss will begin to grow on the floor and walls.

The ship gains the aspect “Parasitic Plant Growth“. Remember that while players may use this aspect, it can also be compelled against them. Opponents or the environment can also utilize this aspect, or have it utilized against them.

Level 1 Upgrades:

Animal 1

Emergency Hull Repair – When damaged, the ship hull will repair itself over time. This can make ship repairs much cheaper. It’s useful for a crew that finds itself spending a lot of money to repair their ship after every battle. They shouldn’t expect instant regeneration in the middle of ship combat, though. This does not work if the ship runs out of gas.

Plant 1

Emergency O2 Life Support – If the life support systems are targeted and damaged, or the ship simply runs out of power or gas, the plant systems within the ship will automatically sustain the crew and other living beings within the ship by producing oxygen. This requires nothing else but the plants already inside the ship and the light of distant stars.

Level 2 Upgrades:

Animal 2

Emergency Engine Support – If the engine is damaged, the ship will provide its own form of propulsion. As long as the ship has energy (i.e. gas), this system will automatically turn on when needed. These are as fast as the default engines (+2 Speed) and no less maneuverable than the normal engines.

Plant 2

Emergency Engine Support – If the engine is damaged, the ship will provide its own form of propulsion. This can be used even if the ship is out of gas, however, it is extremely slow (+0 Speed). It also gets an additional -2 to its maneuverability.

Level 3 Upgrades:

Animal 3

Scent Glands – This increases the quality of the life sensors on the ship. The ship will be able to smell different life, even if it tries to hide itself, and upload to the normal ship interfaces. This increases the default range, power, and quality of the life sensors by the appropriate amount depending on what the ship already had. In addition, this becomes an aspect that can be used when using the Sensors to scan for life, or other things that can be smelled (but mostly life, and the type of life). The first tag to use this each session is free.

Plant 3

Pollen – The ship gains the ability to eject a cloud of pollen once per session, unless the same space encounter follows more than one session. In other words, a suitable amount of time has to pass before it recharges. This cloud provides a smoke screen to block visual sensors, and it will trigger any explosive projectiles that are sent towards the ship. This is similar to the way flares work for ships in the atmosphere, but natural, and free. It will also get in the nose of living ships or space beasts that pass through the cloud, making it even more difficult to follow.

Level 4 Upgrades:

Animal 4

Weapons – The ship gains one weapon to add onto it from the following list:

  • Giant Claws – They can grapple ships, tear them apart, and take their goods. This is useful for keeping ships close, piracy, or targeted destruction when in an extremely close range.
  • Acid Shooters – The ship sprays acid in a while area in a forward direction. This recharges after a period of non-use. Unless two space encounters follow extremely close to each other between sessions, assume it can be used about once per session. If there is a period of time skip in a single session, just assume they can be used again, too.
  • Spikes – The ship can grow spikes that stick out of its hull. These can cause damage if another ship hits them, such as if your ship charges another. They can also shoot out in all directions. This isn’t very good for precision damage, but can cause a wide amount of destruction to lightly armored vehicles.
  • Tongue – The ship gains a tongue that can shoot out and stick to things. It can draw it back, or let it drag behind it. In a way, this is a free tractor beam. When used at a close range, it can also push objects far away from your ship. While this also offers little penetrative power, it is useful for the utility of how it moves objects around the ship in space.

Plant 4

Weapons – The ship gains one weapon to add onto it from the following list:

  • (Will be added in later…)